The Worst Things To Eat As A Senior

Diet is something that most people think about every single day, we usually are always thinking about how many calories something has and if this is unhealthy for you or not. It can also be very easy to start eating whatever you want and stop counting calories the sooner that you start to get older. Although you should enjoy your life and eat the things that make you feel good you need to realize that you really can’t just eat whatever it is that you want to since it will have a very bad affect on your body and you will most likely start to see some bad changes in your body and in your skin so it is best to keep eating healthy things rather than the things that I am about to list to you. Get a 2019 supplement plan at

The first thing that you really shouldn’t be eating when you are someone who is older is drinks that are high in sugar so basically any drink that isnt water then you probably you shouldn’t be drinking it since it has a lot of extra calories that you don’t need and also they contain a lot of sugar and carbs. If you are someone that finds it very hard to drink water then you should probably start to set a goal for yourself every single day that you will drink a certain amount of water every single day. Or try to not drink an extra sugar drink everyday so that you are at least getting rid of some of the extra calories that you shouldn’t be eating that much every single day.

Medicare Supplement Plans 2019Another really bad thing that you really shouldn’t be eating every single day is a lot of pasta. While it can be okay to eat some pasta once and awhile it shouldn’t be something that is in your everyday diet and while it is very cheap and can be filling it isn’t very filling unless you eat a lot of it and even when you do it probably won’t keep you very full for that long since it doesn’t have any fats or any proteins in it. So keep that in mind the next time that you decide to have a bowl of pasta for dinner or for your lunch at work or if it is your lunch at home or whenever you decide to be eating this food.