Sex has no age boundaries because it brings intimacy to all whether young or old. When one has the hunger for love and intimacy, then there is no single time that people will fail to love one another. This promotes health to old couples by the fact that they will remain active both physically and mentally. The reverse also takes control, and if one is not physically or emotionally healthy, they might end up suffering from depression which may even lead to death as a result of heart attacks. To get the best insurance visit where you can get free instant quotes online.

What are the physical changes in old age sexuality?

  1. Low decline of libido-Women often lose their libido faster than men as they approach menopause because of the biological processes they go through.
  2. Painful vaginal penetration in women, however, this can be controlled through hormone replacement therapy to control the pain.

There are also health benefits related to sexuality in old age of which some of these are:

  1. It increases longer live to the seniors due to the pressure it has and also making them reduce stress and live happier for long. It also increases appetite since it is an exercise which requires energy and consumes many calories in the body.
  2. Promotes relaxation because it’s a form of body massage, lowers levels of depression and heart attacks, and increased satisfaction regarding relationships which make a better family.
  • Having a good sex life is associated with living a healthy life to older adults which lessens the aging effects that all people could avoid given a chance to make such an option.

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Challenges of sex in old age.

At times men are not able to erect making them lose self-esteem and dissatisfaction among the couples which makes the relationship unbearable and may lead to promiscuity that may cause sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore there is the need for meaningful communication among the couples to ensure that healthy relationship is maintained.

                                 Tips on how to improve sexual health

  1. Constant communication and maintaining body touch amongst the couples to retain the intimacy. It should not be a bedtime process but should remain a continuous activity all through.
  2. Being realistic about the expectations and speaking out in case you face any challenges that relate to sexual needs and remain confident with each other. This can be increased by touching, cuddling or anything else that would maintain the intimacy.
  3. Participating in outdoor activities that both of you enjoy keeping the fire burning.