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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Is it not sometimes good to be angry ? 

All emotions make sense sometimes. Anger can be instructive, like when it helps a mother to teach a child that something is not allowed. If we feel angry then we should not let it simmer inside where it will only grow and damage our biochemistry. Same way, if we lose somebody near and dear, then tears should flow. It is very natural and healthy to be sad about those things. Suppressing negative emotions is never good.

But when we do Rasa Sadhana, all good reasons for being angry or sad are no longer important. Like when we do food fasting, then food is no longer important, even though we never question the natural need for food. Still, after doing these Rasa excercises for a prolonged period of time, we may feel to give up on negative emotions like anger completely. A saint will never be really angry, even if sometimes he or she may put up an angry act if it seems instructive.

The first key is about understanding these emotions and the second about achieving self-confidence through exercise. Anger is always based on some unfulfilled expectation. If we stop expecting things from others, then there is no more need for anger. When we realize that one minute of anger can kill the peace obtained through months of regular meditation, then we understand that getting angry turns a little problem into a really big one. If we stop getting irritated about other people’s errors, we refrain from turning their problem into our own problem.

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