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I hope to enhance people's understanding of the Rasas and of Rasa Sadhana by talking a little about my life and my sadhana. I also hope to receive some comments on this website and this blog that may inspire me to write more. People that like to give comments on this blog or website, please use the Contact form.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Want to be happy ? 

And isn't that all you really want ? Isn't that the motivation behind all your desires ? To get some happy feeling out of fulfilling them ? If you want a car, do you actually want all that steel on wheels ? Or do you want to feel the freedom of driving where you want ? Or to feel that you are now a grown-up person able to take care of things yourself ? Whatever that car may mean to you, it will always be connected to getting some feeling or other. Isn't that true for all your desires, even the most enlightened ones ? Isn't the desire for enlightenment a desire for everlasting happiness ?

So what if you can turn this around ? What if you can focus your desires and actions on simply being happy ? Independent of circumstances which, let's face it, are not entirely in your hand ? Easier said than done ? Yes, but understanding and practice make everything possible. And that is what Rasa Sadhana, the Yoga of the Emotions, is all about.

Ram Ram,


Monday, June 19, 2006

Old emotional patterns die hard 

Ram Ram,

Sorry for the lack of new posts in the past days. I was on a trip.

As requested, some more about old emotional patterns and Rasa Sadhana.

When doing Sadhana of the disagreable Rasas Anger, Sadness, Disgust and Fear, dealing with new emotional challenges is usually rather easy :-) Whenever such unpleasant emotion is detected, their origin is clarified, the emotional energy channeled and hence the issue has no time to grow into an automated emotional response.

When starting such Sadhana we have to be aware however that older negative emotional patterns can be a harder nut to crack. Some old anger at somebody for example may be triggered by a new encounter with that person, causing body-mind to automatically react in anger. Whether this is expressed or not, the anger easily resurfaces in our thoughts and may seem hard to get rid off, threathening our Rasas Sadhana of today. This is because in the past we were not doing this Sadhana and hence some strong neural and biochemical reaction pattern has been developed in relation to that person. Its' strenght should not be underestimated.

When such old emotional pattern surfaces, it is important to go back in time and use our memory of what happened to analyse the emotion properly. Usually it is not advisable to think about the past very much - but in this case it certainly is. What attachments, expectations, etc.. were at the bottom of this conflict ? What errors were made by you and others that can now be forgiven as nothing more than unintentional, misguided errors in judgement ? Only in this way can the old pattern be broken and a new fashion of dealing with the issue be developed.

Ram Ram,

Peter Marchand

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